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Telemedia Fiber Buildout Information

In the spring of 2020 Telemedia will begin breaking ground on a large fiber build that will cover 900 member homes in our service area, and an additional 350 homes in Starlight Indiana. As we near this build we may be contacting members to both disburse and gather information. The build will continue in 2021, connecting an additional 850 member homes in our serving area. Additional projects beyond 2021 are being planned for the balance of homes in the Telemedia serving area.

Specifics regarding our construction process is included below, as is our most recent press release.


Press Release

TeleMedia continues its fiber network build, and also expands into Starlight, IN
Pekin, Indiana – August 21st, 2019
TeleMedia today announced the expansion of its new fiber network in southern Indiana.

Starting next spring, TeleMedia will continue the expansion of their “fiber to the home” network in parts of Washington, Clark and Floyd counties. “The 21 million dollar project will bring fiber internet to our cooperative members, as well as some areas beyond our current boundary. The first phase will include approximately 1250 homes in 2020, with phase two reaching approximately 850 more homes in the following year if everything goes well,” stated Mike Harian, TeleMedia’s General Manager.

“In addition, we are excited to be a recipient of the Indiana Next Level Broadband grant program initiated by Gov. Holcomb and will be expanding our fiber network to Starlight, IN bringing both Internet and voice service to about 500 new homes and businesses. We have been approached by Starlight residents for years and are thrilled for this opportunity to be their high-speed internet provider.”

TeleMedia has been adding fiber service to their customers over the last few years, with Martinsburg being the largest area in 2019, but this project will be much more expansive. “The fiber project in Martinsburg was a success and we’ve had great feedback. Fiber is more cost-efficient for our cooperative and our buried lines will ensure great reliability, and keep our area nicer looking than an aerial build would. It’s a win-win.”

“Even in the most rural of areas we believe our cooperative members deserve the best speeds, reliability, and support. It’s in our DNA, and it steers us in every decision we make,” said Harian.

TeleMedia currently delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps, (1000 Mbps) to members on its fiber network. The attached map depicts areas that will be built in 2020.



Maps showing the 2020 build are included below. Please feel free to contact our business office at 812-967-3171 if you would like to verify your home is in a build area. A map depicting the 2021 build area will be posted here once it is finalized.

Map 1 shows the Telemedia serving area. The green area depicts our fiber build that was finished in Martinsburg in 2019. The yellow area represents the fiber build
planned for 2020. Weather, availability of contract labor, and other factors could influence the build timeline, as well as service availability schedule.

Map 1

Map 1

Map 2 shows the area that will be covered in the Starlight build. Once again, weather, availability of contract labor, and other factors could influence the build timeline as well as service availability schedule.

Map 2

Map 2


Construction Process

How long will the construction process take?

The entire process will take several months (contingent upon weather conditions). Typically we start the process in late spring and finish in late Fall. There may also be times when construction ceases in your area, only to start up again several weeks later. During this construction process the ground may be somewhat torn up. We don’t leave open trenches, so it’s safe; however, it won’t be pretty to look at. During this time you may see orange inner-duct poking out through the ground alongside the road. Machinery may be parked alongside the road in preparation for the next day’s work. We may also leave large cement vaults in place as we prepare to bury them. Don’t worry! By the end of the project all of this will be neatly buried in the ground and out of sight.

Will Telemedia fix areas that get torn up during construction?

We are committed to leaving all construction areas in as good or better shape than before we started. However, the clean up process occurs in the very last phase of the project. This means you may be looking at bare spots, or small piles of dirt until the fall.

During our cleanup phase we will ensure the ground has been smoothed out. We will bring in topsoil where needed, and we will seed and cover with hay. New grass should begin sprouting within 10 days of the clean up work.

If we miss a spot, please call us. We will be more than happy to send a crew out to fix it. We only ask that you be patient through the construction process. Also, please keep in mind that wet or icy weather can be an impediment to our progress.


What is Fiber and Why is it better?

Fiber is a medium that provides Internet service to your home and business at speeds much faster than traditional copper based technologies. With fiber, data travels to you as light over strands of glass. Tops speeds can reach 1000 Mbps (1Gbps).


With fiber technology Telemedia can bring you speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (that’s 1000 Megabit per second!)


It doesn’t matter if you live down a 5 mile driveway, fiber will go the distance and bring you the speeds you need!


Because fiber isn’t conductive, electrical storms are far less likely to cause issues.

How will Telemedia bring the service to my home or business?

Fiber service requires that Telemedia construct a whole new network for your Internet service to traverse. Telemedia typically buries its network (instead of stringing it on electric poles), as this provides much more resilience to inclement weather, ice, and accidents. Because the fiber will be buried, Telemedia contractors will trench or bore through state and county right of way areas to bring the fiber to you.