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                   Invoice & Payments


Invoice & Payments

Bills are mailed on the 1st of each month which covers service and feature changes for one month in advance. Payment may be made by mail, in person to the business office, by auto payment, by using SmartHub online or with the SmartHub app.

All charges are due upon receipt, including all applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges within 17 days of the bill date. Late payment fees will be assessed at the rate of 10% of the first $3.00 plus 3% of the remaining unpaid balance. Suspension of your account will be made after 30 days of past due balances. All customers disconnected for nonpayment will be required to pay all past due amounts plus the current month’s charges before service is restored. A $48.00 re-connection fee will be charged on the next billing statement.

When paying by mail, forward your remittance slip with your payment in an envelope to help us credit your account promptly. If the remittance slip is not available, please write your telephone number on your check and mail it to: P.O. Box 9, Pekin, IN 47165-0009. For your convenience, a drive-thru payment drop box is located on the north side of the building.

TeleMedia is pleased to offer you the option of having your monthly payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account or automatically charged to your credit card.

Dependable, flexible, convenient and easy:

  • Saves time by having fewer checks to write.
  • Helps meet your commitment in a convenient and timely manner – even if you are on vacation or out of town.
  • No lost or misplaced statements, your payment is always on time – helps maintain good credit.
  • Saves postage.
  • Easy to sign up, easy to cancel.
  • Avoid late charges.

To sign up for the Auto Pay Program, simply login to your SmartHub Web or SmartHub Mobile account, go to Billing & Payments, Auto Pay Program and choose to Sign Up For Auto Pay located under the Actions column. If you need to make changes to your account information or you wish to stop the Auto Pay Program you will follow the same steps, but choose Update or Cancel under the Actions column.