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Engineering Phase What to Expect

Phase 1: Engineering:

This phase starts with an initial blueprint. Our engineers then “drive out” the area and plot the route for an upcoming build. The phase finishes up with customer contact, site survey, right of way (easements), and pole preparation (if applicable). Site surveys may be needed before any work is done. During a survey, we will make note of known underground facilities (water lines, electric line, buried dog fences, etc). The location of the fiber box mounting point on your home will be decided, and we will answer any questions you may have. Please note that weather, availability of contract labor  and other factors could influence the build timeline, as well as service availability schedule.


Phase 2: Breaking Ground

Construction consists of burying mainline conduit by either plowing it under the ground or using horizontal boring equipment. Large cement vaults (called “hand holes”) are also put into place. In this phase, buried fiber drops are run from the street to your home or business. Our crews will mount a fiber box to the side of your building during this phase. You may see very large machinery, crews, and trailers along the road (or working in your yard) during this phase. You may also see flags, or various colored markings (usually blue, red, or orange) spray painted on the ground. These identify underground utilities that we will avoid. Please do not cover these up! Orange ducts, cement vaults, or buried fiber loops may be present alongside the road or in your yard. This is a normal part of the construction process and will be cleaned up by the end of the phase. If something has changed since we performed your site survey (i.e. you have new underground facilities, or want to change the location of your fiber or mounting box), please contact us immediately by calling 812-967-3171 (M-F 8:30a – 4:30p).

After the construction process we typically clean up the area which includes smoothing, seeding, and straw. Please be patient during this period, as clean-up occurs only after all of the ground construction has been completed.

Working Hours:

Our crews and subcontractors generally don’t start work before 8am, and typically work until twilight. If you would like to verify the authenticity of our crews, or if you have any other concerns please contact our main office at 812-967-3171.

Phase 3: Fiber Jetting

Jetting fiber consists of pushing fiber through our buried conduit with high-pressure air. Crews may also pull the fibers through manually. You may see crews and trailers loaded with large compressors and jetting equipment along the road during this phase.

Phase 4: Fiber Splicing 

Once the fiber has been jetted through the conduit our splicers connect them all together through the splicing process. Usually, large trailers with splicing gear are brought in to do the job. Large loops of fiber may be located in and around our cement ground vaults as we undertake this tedious process. You may see crews, with multiple trailers and pieces of equipment along the road during this phase.

Phase 5: Fiber Testing  

We test each fiber strand as one of the final steps in the process before beginning your home installation. After all, we want you to receive the very best service possible! If you live in one of these areas, expect home installations to begin approximately in the next 30-60 days. You may see crews and trailers along the road, and near our remotes during this phase.

Final Phase

The construction crew will communicate with customer service representatives of job completions. Customer Service will then reach out to schedule your appointment. Please contact us at 812-967-3171 (M-F 8:30a – 4:30p) if you have any questions.