Press Release

TeleMedia continues its fiber network build, and also expands into Starlight, IN
Pekin, Indiana – August 21st, 2019
TeleMedia today announced the expansion of its new fiber network in southern Indiana.

Starting next spring, TeleMedia will continue the expansion of their “fiber to the home” network in parts of Washington, Clark and Floyd counties. “The 21 million dollar project will bring fiber internet to our cooperative members, as well as some areas beyond our current boundary. The first phase will include approximately 1250 homes in 2020, with phase two reaching approximately 850 more homes in the following year if everything goes well,” stated Mike Harian, TeleMedia’s General Manager.

“In addition, we are excited to be a recipient of the Indiana Next Level Broadband grant program initiated by Gov. Holcomb and will be expanding our fiber network to Starlight, IN bringing both Internet and voice service to about 500 new homes and businesses. We have been approached by Starlight residents for years and are thrilled for this opportunity to be their high-speed internet provider.”

TeleMedia has been adding fiber service to their customers over the last few years, with Martinsburg being the largest area in 2019, but this project will be much more expansive. “The fiber project in Martinsburg was a success and we’ve had great feedback. Fiber is more cost-efficient for our cooperative and our buried lines will ensure great reliability, and keep our area nicer looking than an aerial build would. It’s a win-win.”

“Even in the most rural of areas we believe our cooperative members deserve the best speeds, reliability, and support. It’s in our DNA, and it steers us in every decision we make,” said Harian.

TeleMedia currently delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps, (1000 Mbps) to members on its fiber network. The attached map depicts areas that will be built in 2020.