Hearing Impaired Services

Telephone communication for the hearing/speech impaired is simpler with Relay Indiana, which allows telephone communication between a hearing / speaking person and a hearing / speech impaired individual who uses a Text Telephone (TDD). Specially trained operators relay conversations simultaneously between the TDD user and the speaking party.

Calls may be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays

TDD/Voice/VCO/ASCII  711
TDD/Voice/VCO/ASCII  800-743-3333
SPANISH  800-435-8590
Speech-to-Speech  877-743-8231

You must provide the area code and ten (10) digit telephone number to the Relay Service operator. TDD users should call 1 800 855-1155 for TDD directory assistance services.

For more information regarding relay services, please visit www.relayindiana.com.