Customer Originated Trace

What is Customer Originated Trace?

Caller Originated Trace (COTR) feature is useful for blocking harassing and threatening calls. COTR is a tool to find blocked telephone numbers due to harassing or illegal calls.

If Selective Call Rejection does not effectively block the harassing calls, or if there is no telephone number to block, you can perform a trace which will record the last incoming caller received on your line.

Step 1:​ Hang up after receiving the offensive call.

Step 2:​ Pick up the phone and listen for dial tone.  Pres *57 (Rotary phone dial 1157).  You will hear an announcement describing the Call Trace feature.

Step 3:​ Press 1 to proceed with trace

Listen for confirmation that call has been traced. The recorded voice will indicate whether the call was “successfully traced” or “out of the area”.

Step 4:​ Once trace is complete, hang up the phone.

Step 5: ​Write down the date and time.

Step 6:​ Once you have completed the trace, please contact your local police department to let them know that you performed a customer originated trace, and have the following information ready for them:

a. Your Tele-Media Solutions phone number or account number

b. The date and time for each nuisance call

c. The telephone number (if shown on Caller ID)

d. Description of harassing call. (ex. heavy breathing, hanging up, laughing, etc.)

e. If you traced more than one call, did you do a *57 trace after each call?

Customer Originated Trace information is recorded at Tele-media Solutions, and is provided only to law enforcement officials if requested.

Telemarketing or repeat sales calls are not critical or threatening calls and there are better resources available to handle those types of calls. One of the best third party resources used by many people from many different telephone providers to block telemarketing calls is the National Do Not Call Registry and can be reached toll free at 1-888-382-1222 (TDD) 1-866-290-4236 or online at