Telephone Calling Records


It has always been our policy to protect the privacy of your telephone calling records known as CPNI; however, tightened security measures, mandated by federal ruling, have been implemented at Tele-Media Solutions to ensure confidentiality of your customer records.

Occasionally, we would like to make you aware of additional products or services available from us outside our current service relationship. Under CPNI ruling, you have the option of excluding yourself from such internal marketing services by contacting the business office at 1-877-967-3171, e-mailing us at, or by signing a form to ‘Opt-Out’. Approval, or denial of approval (Opt-Out) will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe and will remain valid until you affirmatively revoke or limit such approval or denial. We never sell your private information to outside entities; however, we would like the opportunity to continue to make you aware of additional products and services that we offer.